The Idea Box

The official launch of the lab dates back to a lunch in Cannes in May 2017. This part of the website will encompass the ideas that will ensue from the masterclasses and the workshops. They will be public, and, as the title of this section hints at, can be used as an idea box to anyone who wants to give women their rightful place in cinema. To help you wait patiently, here are the ideas that emerged from the workshops in Les Arcs Film Festival in December 2016. The Lab was created during the 8th edition of Les Arcs Film Festival, where, every morning, a workshop was organized, gathering around 10 participants. During these workshops, a lot of ideas were shared by the participants. Here is an overview of them, that does not commit the Lab in anyway:

Developing parity

In the decision making commissions, but also regarding representatives of institutions, juries, festivals, unions, there needs to be an eye out for the respect of parity. To think deep about the opportunity, or not, to implement quotas or soft quotas, with the inspiration of the Swedish model where the incentive triggered off the action. When possible, alternate the gender of decision makers or implement duos in direction boards. There also needs to be a charter or a certification label in the industry.


  • Parity in the festivals selection committees (particularly Cannes).
  • Parity in the commissions and alternation of the presidencies of the CNC.
  • Anonymity of filmmakers in the first college of the commissions of advance on receipt.
  • Stimulate parity in film crew, by using a points system rewarding teams where we can find an equal number of women and men. This dialogue must include men.
  • Require systematically male/female duos. Not lean too far in the opposite direction and only showcase feminine projects.
  • Parity in the recruitment of students and also professors in schools. Our teachers inspire us.


  • A policy of quota, with a limitation in time (ex: 5 years), decreed by the government in official institutions (ex : DRAC, CNC – French Film institute) and in commissions.

Supporting women in their ascent

  • We must create and animate specific networking locations. We must develop women’s self-confidence and help them market themselves as directors, by creating mentoring sessions for instance.
  • Positive discrimination is about stimulating a network. Women who reach positions of power should activate solidarity, in other words make other women emerge when they access such a level of power (in production firms for example).
  • Invest more time and money in the writing and film development phase, in which women are more present.


  • Develop networks, exchanges, talking groups on this topic
  • Include women who are committed on this topic but in other fields (politics, industry) so that they can share their experience, what is working for them and what we should avoid.
  • Create writing workshops for women in order to make the number of female scriptwriter raising.
  • Create a lab funding films so that they can better know the market (regarding female screenwriters, filmmakers)
  • Invite psychologists and sociologists in the workshops of le Lab Femmes de Cinema.
  • Better finance the associations that work on the topic and support other structures to create and engage.

Raising awareness

Men must be very involved on these issues, and, in order to do so, they must be educated on the matter. A share of professionals is still unaware of these inequalities. Thus, they must be put on the table whenever possible. The figures must be reminded on every occasion, in every festival for instance. There needs to be contributions by writing manifestos, articles and meetings in events such as festivals (especially big festivals).

Organizing a watch on women’s position in cinema

  • Produce a follow-up on the 2016 study realized by the team of Les Arcs European Film Festival, by comparing budgets of films directed by women with budgets of films directed by men.
  • Comparing the box office of films directed by women with films directed by men.
  • Publish gendered statistics on films shown in cinemas.
  • Compare data of female filmmakers in cinema with data of female filmmakers in series: global percentages, development of the career in the time…

Represent differently

We must think about what is being shown on screen. In supporting roles for doctors, for instance, men are always chosen. Yet, children and young adults easily project themselves to what is shown on screen. We must also encourage women to take jobs in technical areas, which are often male dominated, in order to show that it can be done.

Create the “Cléopâtre”

A new, more public and modern, prize which would be assigned by an institution gathering personalities from the new generation in order to promote films with other criteria. Feel-good movies which will surely enable a better equality between men and women.

Mixed interpretation prizes

Actors and actresses are the only one to be judged regarding their gender. A mixed interpretation prize should be established, with female candidates as much as male candidates.