They participated

The official launch of the lab dates back to a lunch in Cannes in May 2017.

Yet, the Lab was created during the 8th edition of Les Arcs Film Festival, where every morning, a workshop was organized, gathering around 10 participants.

Here is a list of the personalities who already took part in the Lab activities:

Mona Achache, director, screenwriter, actress

Houda Benyamina, director and screenwriter

Mélanie Bernier, actress

Lou Bes, journalist for Elle magazine

Lola Bessis, director, actress, producer

Camille Bonvallet, Cannes séries

Christine Beauchemin-Flot, exhibitor, co-writer of « La Vie des productrices »

Lucie Borleteau, actress, director, screenwriter (Femme de cinéma 2014, Les Arcs)

Béatrice Boursier, Cinema Operator, President of Scare

Laure Calamy, actress

Guillaume Calop, co-founder and general manager of Les Arcs European Film Festival

Anna Ciennik, industry village manager in Les Arcs European Film Festival, co-president of Le Deuxième Regard

Laure de Clermont Tonnerre, actress, director

Frédéric Corvez, distributor, sales representative – Urban distribution

Clotilde Courau, actress

Lola Creton, actress

Delphine Crozatier, producer, Contrebande Productions

Nathalie Dennes, producer, the Living

Caroline Deruas, director, screenwriter, actress

Fabianny Deschamps, co-president ACID

Vanessa Djian, producer, Daï Daï Films

Mélanie Doutey, actress

Trine Dyrholm, actress

Clara Elalouf, director

Diana Elbaum, Belgian producer, Entre chien et loup

Jeremie Elkaïm, actor, screenwriter, producer

Audrey Estrougo, director and screenwriter

Coralie Fargeat, director

Alexandra Faussier, press officer, Les Piquantes

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, co-founder and C.E.O. of Les Arcs European Film Festival

Fanny Garancher, press officer, Les Piquantes

Marie Garel-Weiss, director

Ilann Girard, producer, Arsam International

Tristan Goligher, producer The Bureau Film Company

Juliette Grimont, cinema operator and distributor

Valeska Grisebach, German director

Geoffroy Grison, screenwriter and member of Le Deuxième Regard

Joanna Grudzinska, filmmaker.

Fabienne Hanclot, Head representative of the ACID

Jessica Hausner, Austrian director

Mijke de Jong, Dutch director and screenwriter

Julia Langhof, filmmaker, Lomo

Laurent Lavolé, producer, Gloria Films

Alante Kavaite, Lithuanian screenwriter and director

Agnes Kocsis, Hungarian director, screenwriter and producer

Claire La Combe, producer, Maybe Movies

Xavier Lardoux, cinema director in the CNC

Véronique Le Bris, journalist (Cinewoman)

Nanouk Leopold, Dutch director and screenwriter

Pia Marais, director and screenwriter

Nathalie Marchak, director

Gilles Marchand
, director and screenwriter

Pascale Marin, cinematographer

Lea Mysius, director and screenwriter

Joyce Nashawati, Greek director and screenwriter

Françoise Pams, special advisor of the president of the CNC

Antonin Peretjatko, director, screenwriter and cinematographer

Elisabeth Perez, producer – Chaz productions

Pamela Pianezza, journalist, photographer, critic, Tess magazine

Hugues Quattrone (Manager DIRE)

Aube Rabourdin, Fémis film school, exterior relations

Maria Raluca Hanea, Deputy Artistic Director for Les Arcs Film Festival

Aurélien Recoing, actor

Franck Saint Cast, producer et director

Céline Sciamma, director

Anna Serner, Manager of Swedish Film Institute

Alessia Sonaglioni, Manager of EWA

Malgorzata Szumozvska Polish director, screenwriter and producer (Femme de cinéma 2015, Les Arcs)

Marion Tharaud, distributor (Haut et court)

Danièle Thompson, director and screenwriter

Fien Troch, Belgian director and screenwriter

Ana Urushadze, director

Véronique Vatinos, journalist, Elle

Eric Vicente, ARP Sélection and head of the distribution/screen department in la Femis

Joséphine Vinet, CNC, ACM distribution

Annarita Zambrano, director

Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnian director, screenwriter and producer (Femme de cinéma 2013, Les Arcs)

Jérémy Zelnik, head of industry department in Les Arcs European Film Festival