The Lab Femmes de Cinéma is a think tank working on parity and diversity in the film and audiovisual industries. Our ambition is to generate ideas, raise awareness, propose actions and stimulate experimentation, to “shake things up” in the industry.

On average in Europe, only one in four directors is a woman. Women in cinema continue to be paid less, subsidized less and programmed less, and female characters are still often stereotyped. Yet cinema is a powerful sphere of influence that partly shapes our collective imaginations: it helps to shape society at the same time as it reflects it.

Promoting and encouraging parity and gender diversity in this industry is therefore not just a question of mathematical justice, it’s also a necessity to enable greater diversity in the stories told.


STUDY 2023

STUDY 2023   Since 2016, the Lab Femmes de Cinéma realize an annual study on the place of women directors in cinema in Europe. Initially qualitative and quantitative, since 2020 we have relied on statistics from our partner the European Audiovisual Observatory,...

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The Lab Synthesis on the universe of series

PARITY AND MIXITY IN THE SERIES: WHERE DO WE STAND?   As part of our partnership with CANNESERIES, the Lab took an interest in the world of series. We wanted to bring together all the information that exists on the subject of the place of women and under-represented...

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The Lab Femmes de Cinéma is a unique forum for reflection and action for a more equal and inclusive cinema, based on three pillars:

in collective intelligence

Workshops bringing together professionals from across the audiovisual chain. These workshops are run using collective intelligence methods, to raise awareness, generate encounters and bring out concrete ideas for action to move things forward in the industry.

and podcasts

Masterclasses and a podcast, to spotlight emblematic women in the film industry, who can serve as role models and to showcase the wide range of professions that exist in the audiovisual sector.

A study on the place
of female directors in Europe

An annual study on the place of women filmmakers in Europe, updated and completed each year, to track the evolution of policies implemented by different countries and their long-term consequences on the position of women filmmakers in Europe.


The Lab is also a unique place to monitor trends and initiatives in the sector:

A press selection

Twice a month, we send our network a selection of articles, podcasts and videos on parity and diversity in the audiovisual sector (in French).

Summary notes

The aim of these notes is to bring together in a single document all existing studies and data on a given theme.

A work of popularization 

We popularize our work to raise awareness of these issues, and are notably present on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

A recognized expertise

We take part in conferences all over Europe to provide expertise on this subject. We also appear in the media.