In 2016, the Arcs Film Festival put the spotlight on the new generation of European female filmmakers, through a qualitative and quantitative study on the place of female directors in Europe. The Lab Femmes de Cinéma has updated this year annually since 2017.

This study summarizes all the inclusive policies pursued in Europe, providing us each year with a catalog of the measures being tried out to make a difference on equal opportunity and inclusion in cinema. It is as much an annual review as a collection of best practices.

Since 2020, we have been relying on statistics from our partner, the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO), and are therefore concentrating on purely qualitative work.

We also collaborate with EFAD (the European Film Agency Directors Association), which puts us in touch with the National Film Agencies of all its member countries, proofreads the study and distributes it to its members.

Our study enjoys genuine institutional recognition: we have been supported by the French Ministry of Culture since 2022, by the CNC since 2023 and EURIMAGES starting from 2024.

This study is intended to be shared as widely as possible, so please feel free to share it, use it and reproduce its data. All we ask is that you cite your source (mention: The Lab Femmes de Cinéma study) and let us know at



Study conducted in 2016 by par Stéphanie Halfon.

Updated :

  • In 2017 and 2018 by Flore Brabant
  • In 2019 by Valentine Bottaro with the help of Ilona Bachelier and of Emma Pagès for data collection ;
  • In 2020 by Élise Pillet with the help of Emma Pagès
  • In 2021 by Solenn Touchard-Durmord with the help of Lise Perottet
  • In 2022 by Lise Perottet

On behalf of Révélations Culturelles, under the direction of Fabienne Silvestre and Guillaume Calop.