The Sisley d’Ornano Foundation

The objectives of the Sisley d’Ornano Foundation are to support causes that can make a difference, to accompany them in their development, and to help them become more effective. The Fondation Sisley d’Ornano has been associated with the Lab since its inception.

The creation of the Lab Femmes de cinéma is in fact the fruit of a partnership that developed and expanded over 5 years between the Les Arcs Film Festival and Sisley, on the theme of the place of women, and in particular women directors, in cinema. It was therefore only natural that the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano should become the Lab’s founding sponsor.



STUDIOCANAL is the European leader in the production, distribution and international sales of feature films and TV series.

STUDIOCANAL has been a partner of the Lab since 2021 and shares our fights on the importance of parity and diversity in the audiovisual sector.

The Ministry of Culture

The French Ministry of Culture has partnered with Lab Femmes de Cinéma since 2022.

The Ministry supported us in the drafting and publication of our 2022 qualitative study on the place of women directors in Europe. Their support is a real institutional recognition of our work.


TITRAFILM is a post-production company for fiction and animation. TITRAFILM offers dubbing, subtitling and audio description services to make cinema more accessible.

Our podcast episodes are mixed and edited by our partner TITRAFILM!


The Audiens Group is partnering with the Lab Femmes de Cinéma for our season 3 podcast.

Audiens is the trusted partner of creative and information professionals for their social protection, developing exclusive expertise at their service.


The Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) supports creativity. Cinema, audiovisual, video games: the CNC supports projects, accompanies industries and finances the creators of today and tomorrow. 


Eurimages is the Cultural Fund of the Council of Europe. Operational since 1989, it brings together 38 of the 46 member states of this Strasbourg-based organization, plus Canada.


The Arcs Film Festival

Les Arcs Film Festival celebrates the diversity of European cinema with over a hundred screenings and previews. Since 2013, the festival has been promoting parity and gender diversity in cinema, notably through the Sisley – Les Arcs “Femme de Cinéma” prize awarded annually to an emblematic female director of European cinema.

The Lab Femmes de Cinéma is an offshoot of the Les Arcs festival. Each year, the Lab organizes a masterclass and workshops at Les Arcs, and records podcasts episodes with festival guests.


CANNESERIES, Festival International des Séries de Cannes, has been a Lab partner since 2020. This event aims to promote and embody series from all over the world. From the outset, CANNESERIES has had a strong interest in gender issues behind and in front of the camera, both in its programming and in the meetings it organizes.

Since 2020, the Lab has been moderating a masterclass with a female series producer, recording podcasts and producing capsule interviews with inspiring women.

The Sœurs Jumelles Festival

The Sœurs Jumelles festival celebrates the meeting of Music and Image. Every year in Rochefort, image artists (cinema, animation, documentary, advertising film, series, video clip, video game, VR) and music artists (symphonic, electronic, urban, jazz) gather in the same place to exchange, inform and federate around common issues.

Since 2022, the Lab has organized a workshop on the theme of parity and diversity in the audiovisual industry.

Nouvelles Vagues

The Biarritz International Film Festival – Nouvelles Vagues is dedicated to highlighting youth and new generations through a program that embodies the narrative and urgency of youth.

The Lab Femmes de Cinéma recorded three podcasts with inspiring female guests as part of a partnership with the Festival



Collectif 5050

Collectif 5050 is an association based on several postulates: parity reduces the balance of power, diversity profoundly changes representations, working towards equality and diversity to open up the field of power profoundly encourages the renewal of creation. Structured as an action tank or “do thank”, the Collectif is committed to working together to promote equality and diversity in the film industry.

Since 2018, Le Lab and the Collectif have been organizing collaborative workshops and relaying their respective work.


HORSCHAMP bases all its activities on the notion of encounters. It’s a rich collection, the organization and broadcasting of masterclasses, the proposal of connections between spectators and filmmakers, photographers, contemporary artists, the discovery of emerging creators, the realization of portraits, the need to make today’s creation visible and accessible to all.

The Lab’s masterclasses are organized in partnership with HORSCHAMP.





1000 Visages

The association 1000 Visages was founded in 2006 by director Houda Benyamina to democratize cinema for young people aged 16 to 30, who are excluded from it for economic, geographical or social reasons.

Each year, Le Lab organizes a workshop in partnership with 1000 Visages for the association’s young talents.

The European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO)

The European Audiovisual Observatory aims to respond to the lack of information and transparency in the audiovisual sector. To this day, it continues to offer a comparative overview of the European audiovisual industry in 40 different countries, as well as a detailed analysis of professionals in the sector, at both national and regional levels.

In particular, the OAS provides the figures used by the Lab in our study on the place of women directors in Europe.

European Film Agency Directors association (EFAD)

EFAD is the voice of European national film agencies, bringing together the national film and audiovisual agencies of European countries.

We have partnered with EFAD on our qualitative study of the place of women directors in Europe: EFAD puts us in touch with the national film agencies of all its member countries, reviews the study and distributes it to its members.


Pour Les Femmes Dans les Médias (PFDM)

Created in 2012 the PFDM association aims to advance the place of women in the media, both in the hierarchy and on air. It brings together female leaders concerned with making women visible, and helping younger women.


World leader in the collective management of copyright,
Sacem is committed to bringing ever greater value to creation. It brings together and represents a wide range of authors, composers and publishers.

In 2022, the Arcs Film Festival, the Lab Femmes de Cinema and Sacem created the “Révélation Compositrice de Musique de Film” prize, whose first winner is Laetitia Pansanel-Garric.

Le Prix Alice Guy

The Alice Guy Award recognizes the female director of the year.
Launched in January 2018 by Véronique Le Bris, journalist and founder of cine-woman.fr, it highlights the talent of contemporary female directors in the tradition of the first of them, Alice Guy.

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