Our guest today is Iram Haq ❤️ . She answered quite late to our “confinement” questions. We both like her and her answers…so we share them, even with this time lag

Iram is a filmmaker from Norway. She writes and directes, her last movie was What will people say, which came out in 2017 – and receveived this year, among others, in Les Arcs Film Festival le prix ” Sisley les Arcs Femme de Cinéma”.

“What will people say” is available on UniversCiné 👉 https://www.universcine.com/films/la-mauvaise-reputation

It’s one of the Lab heart stroke : lucky you if you haven’t seen it yet!

1 – The confinement in your country: how did you experience it, how is it going for you now and how do you imagine your coming future?

– It has been so strange and scary time, but I have been very careful and I have been using most of my time to write new stories and to make good food. It feels like things are getting much better now and people are getting back to normal.

2 – How did you hear about the Lab? What do you think about it ?

I love the lab! I heard about it from Les arcs film festival and I have so good experience with it.

3 – Cite one or more films made by women you love and / or want to discover. Explain why in a few words.

There are so many great women who make movies. I really like Andrea Arnold, she is one of my favorites. She makes movies that can engage at the same time it feels so true.