The Observatory envisions itself on the long term as a living library on the subject of women filmmakers’ place in Europe. The goal is for the Observatory to become a place where one can find links to other websites, articles and studies that we find interesting on the matter. These pages can only be improved by their collaborative nature.

It seems important to us to show what is happening in other countries of the European Union. What works and what works less. The European dimension of the Lab also goes through what is being done around us in Europe. When a policy is working in a country and is shifting the lines in the representation of women in cinema, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work in another country, but at least it can be a source of inspiration…and of persuasion.

Here’s some information from the qualitative part of the study lead by Les Arcs Team in 2016 on the emergence of a new generation of European women filmmakers (link here).

The data will be updated every year. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to let us know any change you might be aware of in the policies of these countries.

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