The Team

Fabienne Silvestre-Bertoncini

General Coordinator of the “Femmes de cinema” Lab

+33 6 83 27 60 92


My professional life has allowed me to explore different environments: politics, industry, university, coaching and cinema. Finding concepts and making them work until they’re being put to use has always been my passion. With a common thread: spotting the upcoming trends of society. And one conviction: differences create richness. I am a relational facilitator, a passer of ideas.

Fabienne has been the Institutional and Public Relations representative for Les Arcs European Film Festival since its creation. She is simultaneously a mentoring practitioner, coaching individuals and groups. She will be in charge of the general coordination of the Lab activities from their conception to their animation.

Guillaume Calop

General Manager of Révélations Culturelles association

+33 1 82 28 50 10


Interested in the world of cinema from a young age, I am a part of the “image broadcasters”, since I’ve always worked in the broadcasting and promotion of cinema and images. Taking action, innovating, committing, always in the interest of the artists and their works, with passion as my drive.

Guillaume is one of the co-founders of Les Arcs Film Festival. Also a co-founder of Chalet Pointu (DVD production and editing), formerly artistic director for Canal+ group and an assistant to the film bureau at Annecy Film Festival. He works with Fabienne at the coordination of the “Femmes de cinema” Lab.

With the active support of Révélations Culturelles association: Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, Jérémy Zelnik, Valentine Bottaro…