The Study 

The Observatory envisions itself as a living library about women’s place in the European cinema.

We’re aiming for the Observatory to become a place:


  • to find links to other websites, articles and studies related to the subject
  • to find details about the policies and initiatives that have proven themselves efficient in different European countries



The “Femmes de cinéma” Lab also produces, each year, a follow-up on the study made by Les Arcs European Film Festival in 2016 on the new generation of women creating European cinema. It is important for us to preserve a dynamic approach on our analysis.

This part of the website is not meant to be exhaustive yet; it will be completed step by step. Don’t hesitate to send us references of websites and articles that you find interesting on the issue, these pages will be enriched by their collaborative origin.

Map of measures per country

The European dimension of the Lab requires an openness to what is being done around us in Europe. What works and what does not. When a policy works in one country and results in a change in the position of women in cinema, it does not mean that it will work in...

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Pour comprendre et analyser ce que font nos voisins européens sur le thème de la place des femmes dans le cinéma. Voir ce qui marche et ce qui marche moins et partager nos expériences.

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Generational study

A study on the position of the new generation of female filmmakers in the European cinema, published in 2016 and updated every year, in order to follow up the current evolutions.

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