The Lab

The Lab is a think tank, a place for discussion and openness. We use collective intelligence processes to generate thoughts and solutions to make a lasting difference in the audiovisual sector.

The Lab Workshops

The Lab organizes 4 workshops a year, one per season. 3 of them are held in Paris and one during Les Arcs European Film Festival in December. Each workshop gathers between 10 and 30 participants, women and men from all cinema branches, who brainstorm together and make ideas emerge on the issue of women’s place in cinema.

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The Idea Box

This section of the website will list ideas which will emerge from each workshop and masterclass of the Lab. They will be public and, as the name suggests, can be used as an idea box to give women working in the cinema industry their rightful place.

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They participated

The official launch of the lab dates back to a lunch in Cannes in May 2017.
Yet, the Lab was created during the 8th edition of Les Arcs Film Festival, where every morning, a workshop was organized, gathering around 10 participants.

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Nugget quotes

Nugget quotesThe absence of female directors is a huge contrast with the film audience, mostly female, the male to female ratio is up to 30%-70%! Have you heard about the experiment made by the Boston orchestra when they tried to hire more women? They interviewed the...

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