The Lab Masterclasses

The Lab organizes 2 masterclasses a year, one in Paris and one during Les Arcs European Film Festival in December.

Masterclass of Noémie Lvovsky, 12.18.2017, in les Arcs Film Fest.
© Pidz

What’s the principle behind a masterclass?

It is a conference hosted by a chosen person because of the insight they can share on gender equality in the cinema industry.

It can be hosted by a well-known female director, an actress or an actor that has taken a stand on the issue. It can be a discussion between two personalities with different positions in the industry. It can also be something experienced abroad shared by a committed professional.

Compared to the Lab collaborative and participative workshops, the masterclass has a more classical frame, with one personality speaking to an audience, which doesn’t prevent a Q&A at the end.

The masterclasses are complementary to the workshops as they welcome a broader audience.

Who can attend a masterclass?

Any person interested in gender equality in cinema and who is a part of the industry.

The masterclasses are of high interest to cinema students, who come to get a new and different perspective on the matter.


What is the shape of a masterclass?

It is an hour-long conference, followed by a 30-minute Q&A with the audience.

At the end of a masterclass, a cocktail is offered, so that the participants can meet each other and talk. The Lab believes in the importance of relaxed friendly networking moments. Every participant can then choose if he or she wants to join the Lab network and stay in touch with the Lab news and activities.

The notion of the network is at the core of the Lab.

The ideas emerge from discussions between people working in different levels of the cinema industry. They spread out because they show that they can be implemented. They find their place in the landscape because of the importance and the power of this network made of people that are convinced of their use to shift the lines.

Masterclass of Noémie Lvovsky, 12.18.2017, in les Arcs Film Fest.
© Pidz